Privacy Policy

About our handling of personal information

  • (1) J-tips, INC. and Ishinomaki City (hereinafter referred to as "We") intend to comply with the laws and regulations concerning personal information when We provide "ISHINOMAKI Travel SIM (hereinafter referred to as "this service"), which is a service We provide for our customers.
  • (2) We do not collect and use personal information through our website, application, mobile terminal site etc. without the consent of the individual.
  • (3) We will carefully monitor and take appropriate safety measures to prevent the acquired personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, or leakage etc.
  • (4) When collecting personal information, We will clarify the purpose of its collection, and We will collect the information through reasonable and fair means and within the scope of the purpose of use. Please note that the collected information may be used in a way that does not identify individuals, when used for statistical surveys etc.

Regarding the sharing of personal information with third-parties

  • (1) We do not share personal information with any third parties other than ourselves and our group companies without the consent of the individual.
  • (2) However, We may outsource the creation and management of various statistical data that uses the information, provided that the use of the personal information is limited to the scope necessary for business purposes.
  • (3) When outsourcing, We will choose companies that are engaged in protecting and managing personal information adequately. We will also enter into a "personal information confidentiality agreement" with them, which will make them comply with our company's personal information provisions, while We also oversee their work. In the following cases, We may disclose and provide personal information to third parties:
    • ① When We have consent from the customer
    • ② When a customer purchases our paid services and it is necessary for us to disclose the personal information to financial institutions etc. for matters such as the settlement of credit etc.
    • ③ In cases where judiciary or administrative agencies etc. order us to disclose or submit personal information in accordance with laws and regulations
    • ④ In cases where We need to cooperate with a national institution or a local public entity or a party entrusted by those in carrying out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations and in which there will be a risk of hindering the performance of those affairs if We attempt to obtain consent from the individual
    • ⑤ In cases where it is necessary to disclose the personal information for protecting someone's life, body, or property, and it is difficult to obtain consent from the individual

The use of personal information

  • (1) We will use the personal information provided from our customers within the scope of Section (1) of the Purpose of Use (separate sheet):
  • (2) We may send you information about various products and services of companies that We have acknowledged as our business partners for the promotion of services which We think may be beneficial to you; however, if you do not want to receive such information please contact us saying so, and We will promptly stop providing such information to you as soon as possible.
  • (3) We may compile and analyze results based on customer use of this service and SIM management system application and create processed items so that individuals cannot be determined/identified and use them within the scope of the Purpose of Use (separate sheet).

Use of Personal Information

  • (1) We will share personal information obtained through this service.
  • (2) Items of personal data shared are all items obtained through our application form, website, SIM card and smartphone/GPS device.
  • (3) The extent to which it is shared will be stipulated in the shared user list (separate sheet).
  • (4) The purpose of use of the user will be to the extent stipulated in the Purpose of Use (separate sheet).
  • (5) The name or title of the person responsible for managing the shared personal data shall be the chief administrator listed in the "Contact concerning handling of personal information" in our Privacy Policy.

Contact concerning handling of personal information

Chief administrator's name: J-tips, INC. Tamaki Kawaguchi
Phone No. +81-3-5772-7316

Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information

We will disclose, correct, or delete personal information that We possess through the prescribed procedure after its identification has been established upon request. However, please note that some products and services cannot be provided if your information is deleted from our registration.

* Our website may contain links to the websites of other institutions. We carefully select the institutions that We provide links to, but please be sure to check the privacy policies of the linked websites regarding their handling of personal information on each site you visit. Please note that We are not responsible for the handling of personal information on any websites linked from our website.

Revisions to the privacy policy

This privacy policy may be changed as We change our business activities, or as We change the content of this service, or when related laws and regulations are revised. In that case, We will post a notice on our website, so please check our web page regularly. In addition, some of the content on our website may have an individual privacy policy. Please also refer to the privacy policy of those services.

Purpose of Use (attachment)

  • (1) General Purpose of Use
    • ① To provide this service
    • ② To provide advertisements
    • ③ For questionnaire surveys to improve this service
    • ④ To create various statistical data
    • ⑤ To establish contact with our customer
    • ⑥ To charge the fees for the use of this service
    • ⑦ For use with our campaigns, events, gifts, and other promotional projects etc.
    • ⑧ Other purposes within the scope agreed to by the individuals
  • (2) Purpose of Use of Anonymous Processing Information
    • ① Improvement of this service, etc.
    • ② Open data for provision to an unspecified number of individuals or corporations for the purpose of regional promotion
    • ③ Navigation concerning tourism

Shared user list (attachment)

  1. J-tips, INC.
  2. ISHINOMAKI city
  3. ITNAV.Inc