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Let’s walk around Tohoku with a free SIM card

Service Overview

  • Connecting by a smartphone
  • Connecting to information
  • Connecting with Ishinomaki

“ISHINOMAKI TRAVEL SIM” is a free SIM card provided by Ishinomaki city to foreign travelers visiting Japan. (the period of use and number of cards are limited)
The service is planned to be offered from winter 2017.

  • Free-of-charge communication is available for a specific time period
  • Information on Ishinomaki city’s sightseeing spots and gourmet is delivered
  • In addition, good-value services at affiliated stores in Ishinomaki are offered
Welcome to Ishinomaki city!
Although our city, Ishinomaki, has suffered great damage in 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, we have been steadily restoring and reconstructing while being assisted by the warm support of many people from around the world.
Today, many foreign tourists visit us and enjoy the scenery, food, culture, and the natural features of Sanriku coast.
"ISHINOMAKI TRAVEL SIM,” a free sim card for foreign tourists visiting Japan, provided by Ishinomaki City, is a way for us to modestly express our “feeling of gratitude" and “hospitality.”
Please set the "ISHINOMAKI TRAVEL SIM" on your smartphone and fully enjoy the Northeast of Japan.

How to Use

The service can be used as soon as you receive the SIM card and complete the settings.

  • Set the SIM card into the mobile phone terminal.
  • Visit the dedicated website to initialize the settings.
  • Start using!

The second city of Michinoku Miyagi, Ishinomaki City.
Embracing the fertile lands of Kitakami river and the world’ s third largest fishing grounds just off the coast of Kinkasan, Ishinomaki city is a treasure house of natural rich food. With the seasonal highlights of beautiful scenery, as well as the facilities and events bountiful in variety, there is plenty to see and to do in Ishinomaki.
We are waiting for you with “a spirit of hospitality " so that you can think, “I am glad I came here!"


Distribution locations

Scheduled to be distributed at major facilities and some accommodation facilities in Ishinomaki city.
* The availability depends on each facility.

JR Ishinomaki Station Miyagi-prefecture, Ishinomaki-shi, Isenba, 9-1
ISHINOMAKI MANGATTAN MUSEUM(Ishinomori Manga Museum) Miyagi-ken, Ishinomaki-shi, Nakaze, 2-7

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